Color carbon Look

​Special pigments to color carbon while maintaining transparency.

​Carbon - Not just gray

​First-class pigments

​​Pigments play a crucial role in the coloring of carbon clear coatings. First, they provide an extensive range of color options, allowing manufacturers and users to create custom finishes that can vary according to preference or technical specifications.

​Colors that last

​Careful pigment selection can greatly affect the color stability and ultraviolet resistance of the paint, factors that are essential to preserving the appearance and functionality of the carbon over time. The use of high-quality pigments ensures that the paint retains its vibrant and brilliant color, even under the influence of sunlight or harsh environmental conditions.


​Pigmented clearcoat the new trend

​At the same time, the use of pigments in carbon clear varnish makes it possible to maintain and enhance the distinctive appearance of carbon fiber. Indeed, the application of pigmented clear varnish makes it possible to vary the color of the carbon without hiding its unique and recognizable texture. This possibility of customization makes carbon an ideal choice for projects that require both high technical performance and a refined and distinctive aesthetic. Thus, choosing the appropriate pigments can create a visually striking final effect, combining the innovation of carbon technology with the beauty and variety of color options.

​A roundup of images of some possible colorations