​ 65 years of experience

​ The Virtus brand, present on the market for over 65 years, has always created the best products for car care and maintenance. Years of research into nanotechnology have led to the creation of a range of professional products used all over the world. Polishing without holograms, guaranteed results and maximum respect for the environment are some of the characteristics of Virtus products which, linked to the use of cutting-edge technical tools, allow us to supply the best products for Virtus polishing centres.

​Opening a Virtus Ultimate Detailing & Protection Center is a reality today because years of research have led to the creation of an innovative business formula. The Virtus system consists of a series of services offered to the traders who want to differentiate or integrate their work.Virtus offers: analysis of the current situation, design of the operating spaces, products and essential tools, layout of the spaces, furniture and  graphics, training, constant updates, dedicated websites, advertising campaigns, promotional events and DIY products to integrate, along with the sales, the services offered.

An example of the detailing centre

Expo area

​Vehicle return area.


​A place to welcome the customer and his vehicle.


​A comfortable waiting area for customers.

Out Area

​External areas with visual communication that identifies a professional centre.

Three configurations for all needs


​Specialized center for car care and vehicles maintenance. In these centers you can find the whole range of Virtus Pro treatments. Managing a Virtus Pro center means being able to give to the Customers the best support in a classy location.


​The Virtus Pro “Corner” can be installed inside a bodyshop, a car dealer, a used cars resale shop or a garage. It doesn’t need much space and it allows to optimize a working area which is not very used.


​The Virtus Pro mobile centers offer to the final Customer a unique service; to be able to access the whole range of treatments for the car without leaving home. The mobile center has all the necessary equipment for car cleaning and polishing.

A qualified team of professionals at your disposal


​It is not easy to be able to manage a Virtus Ultimate Detailing & Protection Center. The structure, the products and the professional equipment are not enough if there is not an adequately trained personnel. For this reason, Virtus offers a series of training courses at different levels, which can prepare the staff to deal with the most difficult jobs. Today’s challenge is to offer the Customer the best service at a fair price.


​The Virtus Ultimate Detailing & Protection Center system is very flexible. It has been designed to meet every kind of need. To get the most from a finishing center, even the slightest particular has to be planned and, for this reason, Virtus is supported by a design studio able to find the best solution for the available spaces.

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